How to Generate Leads with Email Marketing


Email marketing strategy is one of the veritable means of generating leads. Before explaining how to go about lead generation with email marketing strategy, it is important that I explain what leads database is all about. Many people understand leads differently. Some people may see them as people that downloads their eBooks; and for other people, they are people that complete a form on their website. There are also people that see leads as attendants in their company’s sponsored webinar.

These conceptions sound plausible and may be true but leads are much more than that. A customer may like the content of your eBook without having any interest in your product. Such a person can download your eBoo but will not purchase your product. Put differently, leads are people that have interest in your product or service. These are the people that you should target in your email marketing. The problem now should be how to get at these people or nurture their interest in your category of product or service so that they will eventually patronize you. You can easily achieve this with email marketing automation software.

What is marketing automation software?

This is a type of software designed to help marketers to establish email marketing tracks within the application itself. An email marketing track refers to emails’ collection sent out at the same time to a particular set of consumers or to consumers with similar interest. For example, if you are using marketing for an IT consulting firm with this strategy, you can establish marketing tracks for the end users, technical and financial buyers and others.

With the marketing automation software, you will be able to write and set up a schedule in advance for these emails. This will help you to maintain communication with your target audience in an effective way. In this way, you will be able to establish popularity and reputation among the lead. When it is time for them to decide where to purchase from, definitely, your brand will immediately come up in their minds because of the emails they receive from you.

Writing emails for lead generation

If you want to generate leads through email marketing, it is essential that you get it very well. For an email to do be more effective and to do serve its purpose, there are some important elements that it should have. Here are three important elements to take into consideration when crafting your emails.

  • Subject line: This is a crucial aspect of your email. It captures the entire message in a phrase or few words. The receivers of your emails decide whether or not to read your emails based on the subject line as it tells them what is inside. So, if it is not well created, your readers will not look at them.
  • Make it short: You don’t need to create a lengthy email. Try to pass the information you have for them in a short email that they can read in few minutes. Nobody has time to read lengthy email.
  • Incorporate images in your email: images make for easier understanding than text. Thus, you have to include it in your email to make the campaign more effective.